Weed, Guns and God

©2017 Brian Collins All rights reserved.

©2017 Brian Collins All rights reserved.



Well why the hell not, lets jump into a whole

fustercluck of nonsense....


Okay, 1st let me say , I am not pot smoker and I don't really drink much alcohol either. So before anyone reads this blog ( if anyone does) and says " Oh just another pothead trying to spread their bullshit" let me put that shit to rest right now, I don't smoke pot.

What I am is a "God " guy, a participant in the quest for the true understanding of what exactly that limited descriptive is. Do I believe in "God"? Yes, yes in the sense that I believe that a level of consciousness much greater than ours exists and that that level can and does aid us on our plane of existence from time to time in many seen and unseen confusing ways,

-A bearded man in the sky? Ah no.

Well,  maybe there is a bearded man in the sky and maybe that level of consciousness made itself known as a bearded man to a group of people at the timeframe of humanity when a "bearded man in the sky" approach was indeed needed.

Who knows?

But that has always made me think, wait what?

What about barber shops in heaven? does God go for a beard trim? and if so, I guess that there would be zilcho in regards to business competition, I mean shit, how the fuck do you compete with "Ziggys Beard Trim, the Beard Trimmers of God?" 

And why the hell is there all this shit with hair and spiritual pursuits anyway?

Buddhists shave their heads, God grows his beard and has semi flowing locks, women cover their hair..etc, etc...I mean there are tons of rules and spiritual regulations towards... hair? In all of the vast cosmos, in all of the countless galaxies, ours an issues with connecting to the Divine and has endless rules to do so through flowing pieces of keratin that come out of our scalps?


Anyway , what does that have to do with Pot? Nothing, I was just follow a stream on consciousness and just typed away...okay back to the "issues".

Marijuana the plant vs Guns:

The device created to shoot and the fable of God vs Satan in regards to Marijuana.

The marijuana plant is a weed that is all natural and simply grows as it has been doing for eons of time. Some will say that ( GASP!) God created heaven and earth, so didn't God create Marijuana as well? Oh no, the fruitcakes will tell you "Satan" created Marijuana to destroy the minds of people.

Well lemme tell ya something......Satan is a mailroom clerk, Satan worked for God (the CEO) and was chucked out of the company . When was the last time a mailroom clerk told a CEO what to do? and do you think that it makes sense that the all powerful God, would suddenly not be able to get rid of a weed Satan created with the blink of a thought ? Satan is not as powerful as God and will never be.

But more likely than not, Satan is behind the evil that prevents a young girl with seizures to gain access to CBD, a compound found in Marijuana, a compound that helps sick people gain peace within. Now preventing that peace, now that sounds like something the represents evil would surely do, keep people in pain and allow them to suffer -But enough of the Lord of Rings/Game of Thrones esq Man in the sky/Satan fable stories.......

So for the sake of saying we all are not completely out of control, let's agree that pot is a plant and pot is naturally occurring on Earth.

You know what doesn't grow naturally?


I have never picked a fresh 38 caliber or Uzi from a vine and smelled the lovely steel aroma and said "ahhhhhh, tasty" this is ripe for picking. Now if you start to piss and moan and think I am "anti gun" no I am not. People have to right to protect themselves if the need be. Would I like to be in a world where guns and violence were things of the past? Yes, but sadly I do not live in that world in this lifetime so I have to get accustom for the need for self protection.

The thing that I oppose are the same people that prevent something like CBD or Marijuana from being given to those in need for medical or simple relaxation purposes will make sure that many people can purchase, carry , transport and fly the freak flag of semi automatic murder machine type machine guns for "personal use". The very same people who place people in jail for countless years because they had and were using a plant a plant that God created...

And who made these machines of destruction again? God right? ahhhhh NO.

Humans protect the right to shoot and kill each other but want to prevent the usage of Marijuana.

Hmmmmm, do you know the old saying plastered on our currency right? 'In God we trust".....well I think we trust God in regards to some things, but surely not when he/she made Pot....but the inspiration give to his/her children to make guns that shoot a zillion rounds a second?

Now that is Divine inspiration!

Yeah, How fucking stupid is that?

Welcome to Earth, now cover your hair and put down that joint , pick up your gun and pray.


Brian Collins "The Rabid Monk"


©2017 Brian Collins All rights reserved