An actual New Year? or the Same ol?"


Metaphysical flush or shit and then stare at your floating fecal matter?

This may sound as far away from a zen statement but if you read between the lines, the lesson  is indeed all about zen. Why? well every single tragedy, every single horrific bit of gun violence, Police abuse cases, domestic violence, gang murders, wars, stories of death from overdoses, all come from the energy of "was" and not "is".

This "is" is not the power of now, but rather the power of stagnant crossroad action while in the now state. What does that mean? It means that NOTHING can replay unless a person desires within ones subconscious to replay it through lack of energy production and movement.

The tough thing about shifting time and space?

Well it involves hard work and dedication. You cannot "call it in" in regards to altering what you experience as reality. Sure, self help books and touchy feely new age "Be in the now, right now" videos will tell you that you should get yourself a vision board etc. and simply envision what you want to transpire.

Nope, it ain't going to work champ.  

Why be such a Debby downer the last couple of days before new years Rabid Monk?

I am not being a downer, I am being an enlightener....a person that is willing to shake this fucking cage and speak the truth to you, my readers. When simply you envision things that you want to manifest, you simply create an "expectation board"  full of your desires.

You then relinquish any personal responsibility or action and then send this request energy out towards the universe , kind of like driving through a fast food line, except the clowns mouth you speak into is a reflection of yourself and you are asking yourself to manifest change (cook a burger) while you do nothing to make it happen you will never , ever, evahhhhhh really get your burger.

Whoah, that is adult end of the pool deep huh ?

You are the universe, you are the connection, but along with that connection are countless levels of unseen energies attached to each and every one of the items/realities that you "envision/desire", some good and some...bad.

People never take into account the need to "clean the slate" within 1st before they seek any outside changes. I personally have seen this with countless past clients of mine that were absolutely unwilling to change in any way shape or form, unwilling to make any effort themselves to acquire multi leveled changes by shifting their own actions. They wanted their "thing-or outcome" (whatever it was, an item or result) to occur as a result of coming to see me but wanted to stay the exact same while all on the external shifted around them. 

Now they were very lucky to be with me as it was my "job" to shift the reality that they experienced and when they asked "How do you do these things?" The answer I would always give and gave for 23 years? ..."There is no alternative, when the treatment door locks, you are in MY world and in MY world this is what I do".

But they were absolutely content with staying the same, which is a concrete action of not knowing what a spiritual life is indeed about. Many desired no personal connection to anything and had no idea of the amazing power trapped dormant within them.

This issue that I see with all that we are currently experiencing? ( the shit in the bowl).

People say "Never again, again and again and again" when confronted with the latest jaw dropping global atrocity. You have to change yourself if you want the world to change.

•If you made a statement that you would help someone, then help them.

Dont simply say you will help them and put it off and off and off.

•If you desire to stop war?

Then stop the war within yourself.

•Want addiction to end?

Look within and see what YOU are addicted to.

There are many things other than drugs that can cause an addicted vibratory energy field  ( overthinking, anger, love of pie, shoes, complaining, being lazy, expectation energy...etc) this field then trickles down onto the physical plane and a person then will place all blame on a substance (or item) that causes them pain and suffering when the origins of the addiction are usually deep set unhappiness or unresolved turmoil(s) that needs some sort of masking.

In the upcoming year, I will be releasing my Rabid Monk E.F.V program to finally tell you how I aided people in my office for 23 years (but realize, this ain't your Mommy's self help course, it is the secret to the universe and the source of all my miracles).

The Rabid Monk E.F.V. Program taps into 3 amazing aspects of universal spiritual energy production and makes you aware of your constant connection to reality itself. It is a amazing way to change your vibration and the world around you. It is the handle on the toilet that helps flush all the shit away.

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Till then, have a wonderful and safe New Years and here is to flushing all of the old crap away in 2018 and beyond.



Brian Collins "The Rabid Monk"


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