What is spiritual in the 21st century?



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Is being “spiritual” getting all up in the business of a tree? 

I sure hope that the unwanted advances and squeezes of past tree huggers comes to light soon enough if it is. 

Is it doing Yoga so much that your overstretched legs have the stability of twice cooked gluten free pasta? 

How about duck lip selfies in front of varied statues of deities all over the world?

I mean with all the global nonsense we all encounter daily is the old idea of spiritual even valid any longer? How much is the word “spiritual” overused in modern society anyway? and even when a connection to something greater beyond human comprehension is ever mentioned with some sort of gratitude it seems it is always for a country music award or a boxing/superbowl win.

It is uncommon the see Dave the plumber after cleaning out a elbow joint clogged with butt and back hair to look up towards the heavens and say “I just want to thank God for giving me this free flowing drain, with you all things are possible”. Real Spirituality has been kidnapped by the idea of spirituality.  This new version of the word has the true meaning locked up in a Silence of the Lambs esq stone pit. This fake spirituality then dances above the pit in the semi darkness of the basement screaming at the real spiritual ascension down below “ Spirituality anoints it’s head with oil!! Put the Karma in the basket!!!” .

I mean it is terrifying to think that with all this study in metaphysical realms, quasi dimensional universes, string theory possibilities, dark matter untouched energies, that some level of higher consciousness doesn’t actually exist. Take for instance the cosmos and all its splendor, we are but a microcosm to the macrocosm of what we see above. Our understanding of ourselves and what is “out there” is a bullhorn of where we stand regarding our own spirituality and progression as a race. 

•Do we really think on earth that we are the only lifeforms with intelligence?

•Do we really think that higher realms of consciousness and energies do not exist?

The toughest part of accessing the limiting term “spiritual” in the 21st century is that the meaning itself is like a diamond, it can take on so many facets. I mean a person may feel that a bacon glazed chocolate donut brings them to a higher state of being, while another may find the same internal peace in a church, temple or mosque.

I mean which one is wrong? neither? both?

How can anyone judge anyone else for wanting to achieve a higher understanding of the self? an individuals expression of connectedness cannot be controlled by other opinions.  Even Atheists and the most devout Christians can see the beauty in a new born puppy and neither would down on the other for expressing joy, well I hope they wouldn’t . I think as a society , we owe it to ourselves to go past the term spiritual to unlock the term and true energy of the word spiritual.

The funny thing? the Bacon Donut and Temple Experience are the exact same if you drop judgement and see the experience with a higher state of spiritual comprehension. Both represent a moment in time of pulling away from the conscious world and being in a moment of experience vs overthinking. The beauty and splendor of being “spiritual” doesn’t need to be confined into an ideology or specific practice, in fact it should be as natural as the learning curve and absorption of the levels of life that we all go through from childhood to teens, from teens to adulthood.

What we held onto being “real” as a child….( forts, dolls, trucks, etc) were gradually replaced by the teen years of vibrant experiences and sensation based stimuli. Independence based experiences, loves, losses and storage of ones past actions are all are based on the foundation of our exploration of the inner child aspects of our earlier youth. These experiences act as layers for the next level and we continue onward on the journey as we age.  But in our evolution we often forget this unity and our building block layered reality. Somewhere along the way as we “mature” and compartmentalize  and find the need to lock concepts into set structures, we lose the expansive wonder of the mind of a child and the openness of our spiritual hard drives ( minds) to accept and store ever unfolding elements of life  and thus we begin to close off to the term “spiritual”.

When this happens, we then mob rule ourselves and apply any and all past judgements of the idea of internal cosmic expansion to what we have accepted as the only reality. We lose the connection to wonder and replace it with the connection of “knowing”.  As children we had no idea when we played with trucks or coloring books that we would later be experiencing raging hormones and sexual desire in our teens but as adults, we seem to accept the concepts that the “buck stops here” when speaking of all things spiritual and pour the cement of “knowing” over our own feet, sealing us in place

We then lose clarity and go from a 4k ultra hd view of life to a black and white tv with broken rabbit ears and the term spiritual then becomes a 4 letter word where we then ostracize others who still outwardly display the freshness of a mind of a child in their adult years.  The untamed nature of of this inner child state and moment by moment expression of the wonder of life becomes the oddity in a world where negativity and constant desire to confine consciousness expansion is the norm. The same world that has people run for central nervous system depressants ( Alcohol) as a way to “lose inhibitions” will then in turn quickly ridicule someone who may just be staring in wonder ( getting calmer like a drink would do ) at the patterns contained in a sunflower.

But like the bacon donut and temple experience, both the mixed drink and the sunflower are the exact same. People are so well versed in cranium fecal inhalation therapy ( head up butt) realities that they often forget the open eyes wonder of that we all once had. 

So maybe, flush the concept of spiritual and fix the rabbit ears on the TV….who knows what new shows (realities)  you might be able to view (form) when you do.


© 2017 Brian Collins "The Rabid Monk"