Energy Drain Game Has to End

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So each day we start another day with yet another issue, problem, worry shoved into our energy field pie holes...

The other day it was the FCC and Net Neutrality. It seems every day for lets say a year or so, we have been beaten down with some level of drain...emotional worry, massive confusion , etc.

Each day proves to be a mental challenge and just when you thought you had achieved new levels of disgust and outrage with the way people are being treated, each new new day raises the bar a bit higher into the world of mental manipulations/controls to make a peoples life even more difficult.

So I ask " For what reason"?

You ever notice when you are driving on the highway and all of a sudden there is is traffic that suddenly comes to a stop, I mean dead stop. You look around the cars in front of you with some hopes to identify the origins of the lack of movement. Cars COLLECTIVELY sit and then soon see that there is no reason for the stress inducing reality other than a random work truck or a police car sitting on the side of the road.

You planted your ass for 15-20 minutes, became frustrated ( created energy) and then proceeded on your journey once the cluster fuck had moved on.

Then you wonder, why did this just happen?

What gives?

Well each day ( for about a year) this has happened to us, we are drawn into the daily nonsense in the news or on the internet/social media. We are pulled into the latest distracting topic and our emotions get played with and drained from.

We are then transported into a state of reaction vs action, simply responding to what is being done to us vs making what we want happen. This is a classic energy vampire technique, creating negativity to feed off the explosive emotions of those effected by the external emotional manipulations.

This shit cannot continue as we are all headed toward a brick wall if we allow ourselves to be manipulated. 

I told people that this was coming well over 4 years ago but no one heard me or saw me waving an HUGE flag in front of their faces telling them what was going to transpire unless we turned reality towards another direction. I try, I really do each day of my life.

So here we are now.....well, the 1st steps  to unplug the power of reaction of the vampire(s) :

1- Don't react to the outside info , no matter how hard you want to call a person a fucking asshole

2- Begin to build a bubble of protection around the self each time you feel reactionary. Do this by seeing a multi colored DIAMOND RAINBOW BUBBLE around your entire being. Engage this protection frequently (say it like a mantra) and you will begin to unplug the cords of negative emotion sent towards you,.. give it a try.

Also listen to this song after reading this Rabid Monk is an extension of my love, my chi, my mission and what I do every single day of my life as the "man behind the curtain".

Much Love 2 U

Brian Collins "The Rabid Monk"