Wild Buffalo Bank Account

A spiritual bank account is VERY important.


Because life is based upon invisible withdrawals from this account each moment of the day, each second that passes.

Sure you need physical money to survive, but you also need to deposit good deeds, positive actions and love thoughts into your spiritual bank account in order have something often missing in this world, lasting balance.

What if you bs your way through a spiritual bank account deposit?

Well that can wind up costing you in the physical world and only when a person wakes up and realizes this to be true, they can THEN deposit again and move ahead.

Remember: Each moment that passes you dip into your spiritual savings and each action ( or lack of) creates a reaction/reality.

You can repair your deeds of the past, but you need to stop making withdrawals and make deposits by accepting responsibility for the here and now that you experience (and created).

My homeboy/student from the metal band Whitesnake Micheal Devin states this in his song "Wild Buffalo" ( written with yours in mind...yup) with the lyric "light yourself on fire, sit and watch you burn"....

Lighting oneself on fire ( replaying old karmic energies) and sitting watching it burn (having the same outcome over and over) is truly cray cray.....so dont light fires of the past to gain attention (withdrawal)...make deposits into your account.

Brian Collins- The Rabid Monk


Check out the song here...