Sexual Abuse and Replayed Energy


So here we are,

watching history unfold and repeat and the past invisible cords of energy to replay the same old shit over and over.

As of late, sexual perversion has come into play in human consciousness and years of hidden bullshit is finally surfacing and being exposed. Now as my wife is a survivor of a rape in her youth, I know 1st hand of the emotional toil that such a horrific event has on a person.

So I revel in the fact that women ( and men) are beginning to open the floodgates on all the stored energy and years of isolation and pain as result of past sexual abuse. The crossroads however that we are at, the point where this whole metaphysical energy things is a sneaky son a bitch ( like the perverts) that people cannot now "gang up" and then become "us against them" ( women vs men, men vs men, men vs women, women vs women, etc)....if this happens, negative energy will have a chance to jump from the perverts, transmute and attach to a new host(s) and then become part of a mob based rage one that keeps people from actually moving ahead.

This energy shit is VERY complex and to be honest a lot of it was recently brought up to me at my home while a script of my life was being rewritten ( for the zillionth time). The person involved in writing it with me was going off topic and told me of many of the abuses that were going on in the "hidden" Hollywood, she told me lots of weird shit.

I told her that she should remain focused on the details of my life story/ movie, but , well energy took its course ( as it always does) and we wound up talking about the energy of rape, etc...for 2 days. At the end of the time we had together, I said "Well, looks like that ( sexual abuse) will be the energy that currently needs to be shifted" ( FYI: This meeting occurred was last spring).

Did the script rewrite ever get finished? Nope.

The energy that needed to be dumped in my lap came into my field and well, then it was in my lap to shift or to leave alone. Since my wife was a survivor, it was time to say fuck you to all the assholes who abused power and did my metaphysical thing in the middle of the night for weeks on end after the script meeting was done.

People need to now not let deeds of the past trigger rage, rather trigger enlightenment within so that the vibration can be raised ABOVE the energies of the past and not allow it to once again slither into some new form and manifest somewhere else, in some other manor.

This is the secret to reality itself......Quantum Entanglement....don't store energy of rage within as it will still have a chance to manifest somewhere else ( we are all one). 

Release it.......this is a wonderful Crossroad to be at , a wonderful chance for REAL movement for ALL...the bullshit energy of abuse can be flushed. We are all in this together, what we are experiencing currently is a chance, don't give into hate, rage, attack energy..that is what caused pain for so many, create love for survivors, support for survivors, and the forgiveness vibration.



Brian Collins -The Rabid Monk



©2017 Brian Collins