Dimensional rewrites and waking the fudge up

I have a favorite song from the "golden oldie days".   



It is "What's going on?" by Marvin Gaye.

At times, I see all that is "going on" in my minds eye and been able to do so for a bit of time. The sucky thing? seeing patterns continue to play out, the same energies coming back again and again screaming to be released, screaming to be let go, so humans can evolve....but they don't.

It sucks to see that people just cant help themselves and blindly follow reaction, kind of like zombies in the old black and white horror movies...you know the ones, the ones that just keep plodding on till they find...braaaaaiiiiinnnnnnesssss.

We are now in a stage of a thunder filled shit storm that people are going to really need to WTFU and cut the complacency bs...be strong enough to face and deal with fears, step out of the cause and effect box and aim towards  a higher state of consciousness. We are now living in a reality that can be compared to a rerun on television....trust me peeps, the plot aint gonna change! it is a rerun!

You need to flip the script and do some karmic rewrites in order to have a new wonderful outcome. 

You have to look at things in an upside down pineapple cake sort of way.....try things in life that dont seem to do shit on the surface, do things you have never done before, commit 100% to a new way of being, help people out, be unexpected, all these at first will look useless, but the more "alternative metaphysical energy" that is produced....the more the script changes.

The same energy can and will only create the same energy....so acknowledge your actions ( or lack of)...really look at yourself and see that the spiritual/mental quicksand that you are standing in ( and sinking) effects all of creation.

Embrace the new! see the sources that bring the light, open your eyes.....


Brian Collins The Rabid Monk