We R All in this 2gether


As I have stated prior, I am not political...I am energetic and care about creating peace.

This big ball of water we are living on is at a crossroads and it is really time to wake up. There are people who serve a greater purpose in life and I am one of those people. I have been trying for years to get a certain project off the ground and spent a LONG time trying to wake people up about the dangerous turns the world was taking.

I went to Hollywood a few times and sat with writers/producers, met with producers in NYC, writers in Boston, kissed ass, bent over backwards for all and watched and waited as my visions started to unfold....I told all that I saw BIG problems coming for the world in my nightly meditations and no one wanted to listen to me.

I have dealt with many forms of hate head on over my career and never stopped going forward against the odds despite the toil it took on me. I am still trying to get my special project done, still trying all I can do to help shift energy....it is tough though as I am swimming against a strong current.

If you believe in quantum entanglement and all things being as one, well guess what? not everyone has the same skill set and we all need support and help to accomplish our missions in life.

If you believe in my mission of creating peace, then head over to the therabidmonk.com and grab a t shirt and spread the word of the positive energy of my brand/products to friends/family/everyone in sight, social media, on a street corner, at work, on vacation, at church, at the grocery store, porno shop, etc....

So is this just for a plug another stupid fucking t shirt site?


It is my wonderful t shirt site and the profits of each sale help provide me the chance to do my spiritual work and shift things from behind the curtain while the world sits on its fucking ass and watches energy repeat over and over.  I have been doing for this 22 years and recently have committed to it even more....don't believe me? think I am a bullshitter?

No, I am the real deal...These people seem to think so.





The Rabid Monk