U.S. of A election and monkey shit


So, here we are......

The world is now in an upside down pineapple cake state of affairs.

Once again the energy of yin yang plays out and one energy is dominant while the other is submissive for a period of time. The current U.S. election is now over and we have a new President. I am not going to get into specifics of who I support or do not support, I am going to simply say this post addresses the energy of the current state of affairs that we are all experiencing.  

My job is to try and create peace and love, not chuck my own opinion towards anything, so with that wimpy ass blanket statement behind me..... One half of America is very happy about election results, the other half isn't and is pissed off.

This situation plays out with each election that we endure ( yes and endure is the best descriptive) and we go through this shit every 4 ( sometimes 8) years. The energy of our country divides and we then enter a transition period where all gets shaken up and then takes time to settle back down.

Each party has its own agenda and that agenda will in turn piss off the other party in countless ways. This is the energy of yin yang in motion...this is ebb and flow, this is day and night, life and death, up and down.....two forces interacting in a universal ballet that is timeless.

What happens ( and history has shown this to be true) neither party will listen to a damn thing that the other party says and will actually do anything to prevent it from getting anything done. This battle ( for both parties) is senseless and foolish, but the human ape still in many ways is a reactive species that cant help to cup a lump of hot shit in its hand and toss it across party lines.

The funny thing about these 2 forces?

Both claim "religious connections" in regards to their agendas...to me that is sooooooo frigging hilarious. Both parties say they are governed by some unseen cosmic spiritual force that wants them to cling to a specific ideology....all the while chucking and poo and judging the other party for its deeds and opinions....say whaaaaaaaaa?

Are both parties wrong then?

Is one better than the other? that to me is a simple question....no. Both parties are the same, both contain human beings who are trapped in the sludge of human spiritual evolution.

They are fighting for the additional ray of sun, the extra bit of food to survive, the fresh water at the watering hole...and both are blind to the fact that the very God that they say they serve simply calls itself "I AM" because it cannot be confined to the energy of one name ( or party).

We are ebb and flow....but the BIG secret to that yin yang energy? the power is NOT is the either side of the two forces, it is in the dividing line that separates the two. This line contains something that is unseen 99.9 of the time on earth.... it contains "balance" and that power is the source of true lasting change.

The yielding, moving force that is the God that both parties claim to serve,  is the awe inspiring vastness of the cosmos, the multi dimensional thought energy of out range of human understanding, the force behind all the science that atheists follow, the inner power that mystics tap into, the hope of every girl that posts duck lip photos and booty pop ass photos at yoga class.

This true understanding and enlightenment of the dividing line comes not with confrontation, but with an Divine embrace of the power of yield......till that happens, well, learn how to duck because shit is still flying from both sides.


The Rabid Monk