Alternate Dimension


So here we are all swimming in a sea of

repetitive energies......

Years ago I had a writer from Hollywood and a business partner I had working on a project. While out in L.A with them both, I spoke of a HUGE world was shift coming and how important it was to pay attention to the opportunity I was providing them both.

But people often place judgements on me because I don't fit the spiritual Guru mold and discount my guidance ( or at times want me to do everything for them). So the project we were working on never panned out because all parties wanted me to wave a magic wand and make all happen while they sat and fed off of my energies.

While we ( I ) were working very hard on many variables behind the scene, time was slowly ticking away towards this paradigm shift that I informed them both that was indeed coming. I tried to make people see that the "moment" can be altered but it involves individual work from everyone based upon their God given talents, all working in Synergy to reshape the world.

A person has to "know thyself" and be true...bullshitting only creates a bullshit reality and they both, well created a reality that was fecal based.

So I moved on and am trying once again to accomplish my vision because I am "that" guy, the guy that did perform all the miracles for years......and guess what? Still do. I know that reality isnt written in stone....and I still serve God, so I do what is needed.

So now, in a short time we will now be taking a turn into a weird unknown world that I said was coming years ago... me? yes, I am trying now on my own to get a special spiritual project accomplished.......why? 

Because I know myself.

The song below has special meaning to something VERY special happened to me at a Waterfall many years ago....but it happened to me, no one else.

The lesson 4 U?.... MY waterfall wont be yours, your waterfall may be in the form something else and will only arrive if you know thyself. I am going to show how to achieve that personal connection very soon.....sign up for updates.