Energy field crimes

"Collins' brand of spirituality and meditation-

one worlds away from sitting crossed legged on

a yoga cushion- is a welcome break for those

tired of New Age-y jargon"

-Boston Magazine.


Yes, well how about that? Press.

Imagine that? I guess that for the past 22 years I have been actually doing something other than sitting on my chanting ass, farting daisies....if the press says I know my shit, I guess I must know my shit then , huh? Oh sweet validation.

It is tough shaking the spiritual tree and moving consciousness ahead, but I will continue to do so until I am an old ( well, older) fart and cannot do it any longer.

What I have learned all these years on this astral travel journey into the cosmic soup can is that your energy field is truly precious, it is commodity that you have to respect. People will take it ALL if you choose to give it away to them. There are many variables to the experience that is "energy" and personally I am sick of seeing and hearing so many bullshit descriptions of it. 

Most people have no clue, zilch, nada , nuthin' about "energy" or the practical usage of the many facets of it.  True awareness of your energy is complex endeavor but it is indeed a noble journey to undertake if you have the stones to do so. The truth be told however, sometimes the journey can be full of many regrets and disappointments as you grow and ( take it from me) your understandings deepen... you have to be careful. 

This energy field shit is real,  it isn't just some new age tree hugging bullshit talk.

If you project too much of yourself out there, people will indeed act like vampires and use you up and drain you of your positive attitude, love, money (etc) and then throw you away as you soon as you object to the way you have been treated by them. Now I am not saying that info to be a downer, rather I am telling the TRUTH to show you the other side of the happy as a pig in rainbow shit rainbow tale that meditation, relaxation techniques, spa time, ocean walks in slow motion ( you get the picture) often tell you that it is all about ( simply pissing happiness at every turn).

Sure, create positive energy.. absolutely! but be prepared for someone to drain the shit out of you.

You wouldn't walk down the street at night in city with hundreds of dollars pinned to your coat would you? No. So why the hell don't you treat your precious energy field the exact same way?.....Spend energy when and where you need to, then stick it back in your etheric wallet....don't leave it out for the chi muggers to steal.

Mic drop, gong strike....


Brian "The Rabid Monk" Collins