A final lesson from Billy Jack at 3am

When I was a pup, I never fit in with the local mentality. I wont get into wordy specifics, maybe I can save those details for an awesome movie about my life story someday.

What I will say, is that a certain movie helped change my energy as child and I will never forget that. The movie would have so many deja vu esq moments later in my life with situations and a soulmate that I would later meet...the movie?

Billy Jack. 

Each time I watch it, I tear up.....from the martial arts scenes ( that I also had to use in my life because I was an outsider and hated), to the pain a rape causes for the survivor, to the persecution that people who simply want to create peace on earth go through.

Years back I was in meditation in the middle of the night and felt that overwhelming sensation to contact Tom Laughlin ( the actor). So in the middle of night, I tracked his info down on the internet and found an email.

I sent him one at 3am (east coast).

His wife Delores got back to me 2 minutes later and I was shocked. We exchanged phone numbers and she then called me...now shocked 2x.  She told me Tom was very ill and I was floored and very sad to hear and wanted to do whatever I could to help my childhood hero....She spoke to him and told him my story of being a well known healer from Boston.

He replied to her " Tell him to continue his path, he knows the truth inside, continue to move ahead, that is what would help him and all of us". 

I cried with his wife on the phone that night ( as I am doing now) and made that pledge to him and her.....so I keep on shifting energy and moving ahead. 

Rest in peace Tom...the energy continues on.