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The Rabid Monk at the alter of peace in Rome Italy. ©2016 Brian Collins

The Rabid Monk at the alter of peace in Rome Italy. ©2016 Brian Collins

I wanted to write this post and elaborate a bit on the holiday season...

I did a quick tweet the other day speaking of a $125. tip I left for a waitress in Florida and wanted to expand on that thought.

Years ago ( I think now, about 13 yrs), my wife and I went to Orlando for a week of silly theme park fun. I think it was around the holiday if my mind remembers correctly. We had a dinner at one of the tourist trap steak joints on the strip leading to Universal Studios ( the ultra tacky area near the convention center).

Our waitress was a cute kid 20 something , funny and and a wise ass.

Me being me, I always like to make people laugh and zing them as much as possible and she gave it back as much as I sent it out, so I immediately loved her personality.  We had a quick bite and our bill was roughly 25 bucks...I looked at the bill and I had this energy wash over me, the only way I can explain it, was the like difference between a glass of dirty water and crystal clear spring water....this energy flowing through me was pure spring water, clear and pure.

After that happened...I said to my wife, I am going to tip her big....and gave her a $125.00 tip.

She took our check and came back with the manager to confirm the amount. I said "yes" I am tipping her that much and they then both walked away. She then came back a minute later in tears and sat down in our booth next to me. She opened her wallet and showed me a photo of her newborn baby and then told me her boyfriend left her right after the baby was born and that this steak house job was her only source of income.

She then said that her car broke down the day before on the way to work and the repair bill was too expansive for her......it was $125.00. She was in tears thanking me and said she was losing hope with life and then I showed up that day.  I simply said to her (as I hugged her in a non creepazoid way)....just remember, God exists.

She said " Are you an angel?"

I cracked up at that as I am not sure how many angels were born in the roach infested housing projects of South Boston...I said to her " No, I am not an angel though I am employed by their boss".

So if you are reading this , funny hot shit waitress in Orlando, I never forgot you, I hope you went to school and hope you and the baby are doing well....and yes, I am that guy that day, I just lost all my hair.

Brian "The Rabid Monk" Collins


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