The Force is real

With all going on in the world, you have to sit back at times and simply say "holy sheep shit".

I guess maybe most people don't see the world as as I do and simply go about their days and head into work as plumbers, fund managers, lawyers, etc....


I wake up and see all things interconnected, I go to bed and see all things interconnected. 

So when people are all up in arms about some global issue, some personal issue,  I try ( TRY) to show them a better way, a way to move the human consciousness ahead, a way to be connected to all of creation and thus effect all of creation. What has happened in the past is that people then have said to me " Well then, you can just change it all".

For a certain time I did and gave it my all 24/7 and did many amazing things , I did show them that there was this stuff called "the force" ( a corny reference) and changed countless lives and many businesses.

The tough thing about that however is that I am human and after 20 years of doing so, it really wiped me out and like any other Jedi, I became older and gray and then went into my "cave" or "island retreat"  back into the solace of my mind. The time is now however to come back as the world is headed for a very bad turn ( remember Jedi's can "see" things before they happen ) and the word needs this "Jedi'" let's see if this old balding gray fart still has some magic left.

You as the reader can support my mission to make metaphysical shifts for us all and purchase some great "stuff" from my website...remember: all is connected and each action creates a reaction.


Brian The Rabid Monk Collins