The Spiritual Time Machine Sweater

So, winter ( or if you are indeed a Bostonian-Wintahh) seems to have arrived in New England.

Last year around this time, my wife and I drove down to a beach we like to visit down Cape Cod and walked around, it was 69 degrees...nah nuthin' is happening to the weahter, nahhhh. Anyhoot, while moving some clothing around this morning and enjoying a lovely 2nd cup of coffee, I came across a sweater, not just any sweater, but a sweater that I purchased in ... ready?

1983. (GASP)

My God they made back in sweaters in 83? You mean you were not warm enough after running around with Jeff Goldblum avoiding Dinosaurs? ( the 2nd old reference of this blog post).

Nope, they made sweaters, pre internet..pre selfie, pre everything. It was weird, you actually had to talk to someone back then when you wanted to convey an emotion or feeling to them. If you wanted to talk smack to someone, you usually did it near them which would result in a beef and brawl, not a thumbs down graphic or sad face smiley or a unlike or hidden smear campaign from your laptop.

While preparing for the "lovely" feeling of cold, wind chills, snow and the gracious attitude of my fellow Massachusetts drivers in winter, I sat for a moment and looked this sweater. This old sweater that I purchased as a young skate boarder/rocker on fancy pants Newbury Street in the Back Bay of Boston ( where I would then many years later have my healing/spiritual consultation business for 22 years).


This sweater and I have grown up went to "New Wave" dance clubs with me when I did the pogo ( look it up, youngsters)  at clubs like Spit/Axis on Landsdowne Street in Boston or Manray in Cambridge. It paired nicely with a Willi Smith suit coat I loved and wore when I went to see Jazz guitarist Bruce Bartlett at Ryles nightclub in Cambridge, Ma.

This sweater and I have been through relationships and friendships coming and going, family members passing away, various spiritual and martial arts teachers , all through my ups, downs and sideways.

It used to feel the sensation of my lovely long heavy metal hair in 1985 cascading on it and humbly now warms me with a familiar hug of support because I now just have lovely scalp stubble (sans the heavy metal hair). This sweater also fell in love one night ( I was wearing it) when I took a friend to the Jazz club in Cambridge and realized that night that she was my soulmate.

Yup. this old sweater took me back today, I looked at it when putting it in the washer for the zillionth time and memories flooded through my mind...they reminded me that this old sweater once covered the body of a young kid from Southie who fought against racism, sexism and hatred, the kid in search of enlightenment, the one who went through the ringer with other word experiences to achieve it, the consciousness starved kid desiring to learn all the secrets of martial arts and internal energy practices.

Wowza! so many years have passed, so much energy, so many lessons learned. wanna know something?

This sweater and I still are doing okay and still look pretty damn good together.

Hello, nice to meet you........   

Hello, nice to meet you........



Brian "The Rabid Monk" Collins