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Photo: Jack Sharp

Photo: Jack Sharp

This could be there year that you open new

doors, this could be the year that you unlock the

real you.

People might not have the same belief systems, political ideologies...but what we all do share is the fact that we are all subject to the effects of time . Time, the silent ninja like thief that sneaks up on you and says to you one day "Ha! none left"! and then presto! you no longer are around.

Time is more valuable than Gold, Diamonds or any commodity known to mankind.

People get so wrapped up in the stock market being high, the next new phone to purchase, the fancy dessert instagram post that they fail to see that time is ticking away , heading the energetic soul towards an unseen destination. When this precious commodity runs out, you cannot acquire more, you can't convert to solar, wind or hydro electric to have just a bit more energy.

I have been meditating on a paper written by Nikola Tesla for the last 10+ years regarding the usage of the suns rays to strengthen the human energy field and have spent many a night up being up at 3am delving deep into these scientific concepts, furthering my understanding of the energy (chi, ki, prana, mana) the amazing energy that surrounds us all.

I have had some interesting breakthroughs as a result and found that an energy field has to be unified in special ways in order to alter the effects of a perceived reality and repetitive frequencies. This new dominant energy cannot fluctuate in any way shape or form and has to remain on a certain "triune track" to truly shape the world around an individual.

How do I know this to be true?

Well I did this very thing daily for 25 years with my former clients in Boston. I found this testimonial on an old portable hard drive, another client that experienced real world shifts in reality after seeing me

"For years I had been attempting to track my cycles so as to predict when I was ovulating and thus when most likely to get pregnant. I had pee’d on ovulations sticks for months and months and months - never once getting a positive result. After one session with Brian - I saw the plus sign on the stick for the first time ever." K.A.

I can't get into specifics on the amount of etheric and energy work that went into each  appointment, let's say I walk the walk and understand that in order to make the world a better place for myself and others, you truly need to focus and give it 110%.

How does this relate to time? You say?

Well part of my understanding is knowing about the power of time and space: time is earthly, while space is etheric.....sounds interesting in regards to spiritual pursuits? Yes. There will be an online learning program coming soon that will teach you some of the very methods I used in my practice in Boston’s Back Bay for 25 years.

Am I hocking my program,? Yes, why yes I am! 


Because the world needs the energy of hope right now....it needs to have a teacher that can provide true metaphysical and meditative experience while cutting through all of the old dogmatic bullshit. We are entering a period in history with massive shifts in energy and conflicts coming to a head and a persons spiritual nature will be greatly challenged as a result.

This could be there year that you open new doors within, this could be the year that you discover a new power within to aid the good fight.

So do you truly support the light?

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