Change your energy & change your course

Rock when rolled and roll when rocked.

This concept is easy to understand and yet difficult for so many to actually perform.

So what happens then? well the same ol' shit happens for people because they cannot get out of their own way as a result of the patterned energies that they have accepted as the only reality. It is very difficult to move past energies that encase and control you, but you can.

I have spent the better half of 5 months going through my life and all the training that I have done and will soon be bringing a wonderful product to market that educates people to 3 stages of energy the Rabid Monk slogan says on the website "Screw the accepted energies and change the world"

Stay tuned it should be live and ready to help remake your 2017 by Dec 15 2016.

Brian "The Rabid Monk" Collins