Being funny isnt a spiritual curse, it is a blessing


The odd thing about being me?

Is that my willingness to aid humanity and my fellow man/woman/person has often blown up in my face.  I don't cease to keep on trying however and get up each day to see what is in store (and neither should you). I can only "Do" with the gifts and talents that I have been given.

Is a Plumber a Brain surgeon? no. Is a Brain surgeon a Plumber? no.

Me? I have run into brick wall after brick wall in my professional career because people expect me ( Because of the interesting relationship I have with the universal force often called "God") to be the healer and do everything else as well...I cant, I can aid people, but I can't plumb or do brain surgery,  etc. I know what my talents are and what they are not and have always been 100% honest about that.... " To thy own self be true" or some stuff like that.

I have extended my compassion and love and disregard and selfishness has been returned back to me...but I get up each day and continue to work on all these universal energies that continue to land on my lap.

Am I whining? (Whaaaaaaaaa...booo hoooooooo)

No, I am simply trying to raise the consciousness of you, my reader to have you see a new perspective on spirituality. One thing that I have observed over my 22 years of being in the healing profession is classifications of energy based upon pre conceived notions of what "it" is all about leads to massive stagnations within a persons spiritual development and overall happiness.

Sayyyyy Whaaaaa? What the hell does that mean? Well basically people are stuck in quicksand in relation to moving ones spiritual nature ahead because of clinging onto old ideas.

Part of my natural ability to shift energy and energetic fields comes from my sense of humor. Does that make me a wanna be stand up comedian? No. That is not who I am, I am a spiritual teacher that uses humor energy (partly) through lessons/comics/clothing line to convey a deeper understanding of spirituality. I am not going to pretend to be a "whacky" comic guy on stage, but I will be Masterful Sage who also makes people laugh...on stage ( hey, you never know).

Having humor as part as a tool for enlightenment is hard for some to understand because they have been sold a bill of goods of the "Master" being above them and all serious, not right next to them making them laugh ( and thus diffuse) at the negative etheric elements that effect us all.

Me? I am right by your side...sure, I have abilities and a unique skill set, but often people are so tricked into believing a spiritual teacher is better than them because of the monotone voice approach, location (temple, church, ashram, etc,) when I show up they often say "Oh he can't know his stuff, he is just a clown who wears army boots and says words like "shit". 


Imagine if Moses told jokes with the 10 Commandments in his hand after receiving them?

Jesus saying " Hey funny thing happened to me on the way to the Garden of Gethsemane"

 Buddha telling someone to "Pull my finger" while sitting under the Bodhi tree?

Would history tell a different tale then, would they not be the same people? 

I am simply providing the next level of spiritual instruction, one that has been brought on by an evolutionary change to the delivery of etheric spiritual energy.....Don't believe that? Well read here then   this is but a few of the countless people I have aided over the past 22 years using my methods and practices that you soon will be able to learn.

Don't shoot the messenger or better yet, don't judge and discount the messenger because he might actually just be the teacher that helps you change your life....there is a better way, 'cause the world  we are experiencing right now really needs me to be me.


Brian Collins- The Rabid Monk