There is an old story of a an old blues guitarist named Robert Johnson.....

The tale says that he went to a specific area down south to the middle of nowhere. At this location where the road split in 2 directions he met a person who he made a deal with to become a well known musician....this person? well it has been said it was the Devil. Now whatever that word (Devil) means to you, I will leave up to personal interpretation...I simply am conveying a point to place my wonderful, amazing ( humble) lesson on top of.

We enter the very same crossroad each day with many of the decisions we make and resulting actions we perform because of those decisions. Each thought we have leads us to a specific reality, each reality leads to an emotional response and each emotional response leads to a crossroad: sameness and stagnation or inspiration and movement.

Whoah......bottom of the sea deep...dude.

A deal with the "Devil"? I don't know anything about that, though I have seen people make the wrong turns on the crossroads of life and then find themselves trying to rewrite their actions and backtrack, which always leads to mental quicksand and even more crossroads forming and more wrong turns being made...kind of like an endless cycle.

So if you find yourself at the crossroads late at night and you don't know which direction to turn...look deep within, look at the self, the original self, that quiet voice inside ( that one that makes you realize that you are acting like an asshole)....the one that knows which way to head and let that energy be the truth that guides you...not the energy of sameness and stagnation ( you know where that leads).


Brian Collins  The Rabid Monk



You can find a great 80's jazz/rock version of the song "Crossroads", done by a great bassist that I followed in my youth named Jeff Berlin...a great rock song.

Watch it on the you tube here