Spiritual energy time ladies and gents

Well, well, well.....what do we have here.

A time for introspection and advancement of ones spiritual pursuits.

It is funny though, most people only will "go within" to seek peace when there is some sort of massive disaster or a traumatic situation that forces a person to look at the world in a new manor.

Ever notice that when life is going "good" that you seldom find people taking the time to stop and smell the roses? This is one of the reasons for imbalances within human consciousness, the perception of the "all" is subjective to an individuals own experiences. 

Even when the day is going good, you are still on this planet and just because you may have found the right parking spot, had the best lunch, found something sweet on sale and ran into someone you haven't seen in years ( and looked much better than them) doesn't mean that there is not problematic energy manifesting somewhere on earth.

Each day, a person should take the time to discover the self, the hidden self, the very self that is bound to the essence of creation, even for a moment. If you are religious, find it in your religion. If you are a science geek, find the solitude in nature and the stars...it doesn't matter what the belief is, the action of introspection is the key.

The more that you even out your connection to the self, the more you will begin to see the patterns of highs ( ignoring your spiritual nature)  and lows ( placing expectations on your spiritual nature) unfold and see why a continued, even practice of daily mini meditative practice is the key to understand the most complex creation in the universe : the self.


Brian Collins The Rabid Monk