Hi Rabid Monk fans, why not add a whole new website to my plate?

I am working on it now....why not take on all, when you can take on all.

I have been doing a ton of work and at times way too much. You see when I do my "job", energy flows throw me like some rushing waterfall from above. At times, I feel like a barrel going over Niagara as I have to try and contain all the images, inspirations and ideas...( you should see how many files I have). 

I decided to a major overhaul on the rabid monk website as recent global events had me spending a bit of time seeing what crossroads the world was at and well, since I am who I am, I decided to take on more than I could handle and also redo the website ( Hey , why not right?).

I am working hard on online programs, books and new clothing. I simplified the purchase area of the clothing as the company I was using in the past was way to complex to keep an eye on and well, you can imagine, I have enough on my plate, so I went with a whole new way to get my designs to you  : )

The online programs are going well, I have been trimming things down a bit, as my 4am writing sessions have opened huge streams of consciousness and I am really trying to pass on all I have learned over the past 35 years of study and practice as the world needs it more than ever. Funny, I saw global changes coming years ago and told many people about it and how we could help shape a better world, but at times its seems I am screaming into a void....

So, it is me up doing the spiritual healer guru balancing act...working my enlightened Irish ass off....


Stay tuned....


The Rabid Monk