A new world but yet old stuff

Well 2017 is right around the cornahhhh.

Any changes in politics or the world? I have been away.

The conflict based etheric energy that people are currently producing internally  because of the recent shifts in D.C. is nothing new nor is the combative aspects of either side strutting like peacocks. This back and forth of ideologies has been going on since America was created...hell, this back and forth yin yang tennis match is part of the human condition itself.

This issue however with shifts in energy is the shock aspect within the individual person and how they react to change: blood boil, oppression, ego or depression, sadness, fear....you know the deal. The one certain element of life is change is constant, the second, judgement.

The issue that ALL parties are missing is this foolish back and forth pass law/repeal law/counter repeal law/pass back, shimmy shake freeze play political touchdown, hole in one competition is pure bullshit. No one will ever evolve if people stop and try to reverse progress...wasn't there a a band in the 80's called "Devo" (De-Evolution?)..well we are doing so right now...you cant play catch up with the universe...you will always wind up chasing time...a losing battle.

So I offer you an alternative to having the blood boil, how about learning to shift the energy within vs react to external stimuli?

Most people are in a state of reaction when they should be in a state of transmutation.

By the time you react to situations that are occurring ( most of the time as a repetition of past events)  your emotions and blood are already boiling, you are calling whomever a son of a bitch asshole and your body then goes in a free fall landing in a sea of stress, anger, worry and depression....not good for anyone...be it  Republican, Democrat, Independent, etc.

Soon in 2017 I will teach you how to generate energy and how to work on your reaction to worry, stress and fear and become a part of the bigger connection to the universe and thus creating real change for society....learn how to generate the energy of hope internally and learn how to externalize it to the outside world.

Not possible? tree hugging BS? Really????

I have been doing so for 22 years!




Brian "The Rabid Monk" Collins