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b. 1986, HK.

The Rabid Monk and a very lucky woman known as "wife of said Rabid Monk".

The Rabid Monk and a very lucky woman known as "wife of said Rabid Monk".


Well, I am a former hands on healer based out of the Back Bay in Boston where I performed tons of "miracles" for clients over a 23 year career ( see some testimonials here ). I am a self professed sarcastic comedian, artist, Martial Arts Master and true believer in something much greater than our present level of human consciousness can comprehend. I walk the walk in regards to all of this spiritual shit and break the mold of past dogmatic understandings with each step I take.

A friend of mine in NYC gave me this great shout out:

If you like your zen teachings with a little bit of sarcasm and street, Brian Collins is the man!

— Comedian/Actor Colin Quinn NYC


I have been through the ringer and back and look at each day as a chance for forward progression for us all through constant daily improvement and action. Me? I try to get this shit right every single day and still express my gift of healing energy in many ways, in many forms and through varied forms of media.

Remember: Never judge a sage by their cover as you may miss a chance to truly advance.

Brian "The Rabid Monk" Collins

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