1 on 1 Video Sessions

Online Video Coaching Sessions with the Rabid Monk.

You can now avail yourself to his vast knowledge base of spirituality and enlightenment via Skype or Apple’s Facetime.

Do you want to discover:

1-The origin of “problems” and why they keep on playing out globally and personally?

2-The way to unplug inner energies from feeding old issues?

3- How to be open to the world around you?

4-How to be honest with your own duties to the self?

5-Why a carpet is to walk on and to not shove your old actions under?

6- How being a “slashy” is hard on the subconscious mind?

7-The secret power of E.F.V in creating real world change?

Why Hollywood stars, PhD’s, Lawyers, Physicians, Psychologists, CEOS’ and Rock Stars choose

Brian Collins to help them ascend from problematic etheric situations?


Session price varies for corporations and individuals. Business consultations are based on company size and issues needing resolution. Travel expenses will be factored into business quote pricing based upon time requirements if in house visits are required for E.F.V shifting.

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